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In the shadow of God


Linda Kinney, Fine Artist

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Linda Kinney, Fine Artist

Helping Others

must be a way of life, even in business. I recently met a young man from Texas A&M University who, along with his team, is endeavoring to start a very unique business, with which I strongly identify. 

Marshall Parise is Co-Founder and CEO of 

Misfit Inquiries Podcasts.

Marshall says, "'Misfit Inquiries' is made for all of those people that don't quite fit into the round wholes that this world has made for us. We want to learn how those before us have made their way shaping their own lives and in turn, those around them as well....

'Misfit Inquiries'  promotes 'Painting Betzalel' and in turn we sponsor this worthwhile endeavor. Please join me and listen to weekly interviews from successful business people including Mrs. Abel, VP of AT&T; the 'Elevator Pitch Champ', Mr. Westfall; and former VP of Southwest Airlines, Mike Hafner among others, who tell how putting other people first helped them achieve success in business and happiness in their personal lives.




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An exclusive selection of 10 favorite Giclée prints on gallery-wrapped archival ink on canvas are immediately available. Each artwork is shipped ready-to-hang to your requested location within two weeks by FedEx.  Click  to select a size and place an order to be shipped worldwide ready-to-hang with hardware. 

Linda's Statement. . . .

Linda Kinney, Fine Artist


Linda Kinney, Fine Artist

Everyone is diverse in their attraction to art and is affected by it differently. The need for creativity and the enjoyment of it is a basic part of the human experience. I paint reality as I see it, with the intention of bringing forth emotion to entice a reaction from the viewer.

Love of nature, creation and everything this entails is revealed through each of my paintings. Hence, my favorite subjects are landscapes and the interaction of people and animals during events they share. My vivid conceptual sense of color, shapes, and dimensions are apparent in each artwork. Painting oil on canvas is my favorite medium because the depths and contrasts seem easier to achieve than with other techniques. I sometimes paint in the photorealistic style at the request of my clients, using an old photo from their family album as a point of reference.

People are fascinating with very unique experiences. I like sharing life stories and learning what makes up someone’s character. Painting a past experience or memory for a client is a privilege, a look into their personal side and what makes them who they are. I have been told that the feeling released by my re-creation of their memory is as real as the event that inspired it. Their happiness delights me.

Each of us have talents, mine is painting. It has given me much joy and pleasure. My gift was given to share God’s love, hence the ‘G’ logo inside a heart means ‘Love of God’.

WHAT DOES 'Painting Betzalel' OFFER?​

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Linda Kinney, Fine Artist

WHAT DOES 'Painting Betzalel' OFFER?

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Linda Kinney, Fine Artist

Preparing a new collection

Art for a New Beginning’


Aurora Studios/Gallery

129 Aurora Street

Houston, Texas 77008

‘Art for a New Beginning’

These paintings and more available soon! ORIGINALS and PRINTS on paper, canvas, acrylic, metal and removable wallpaper.

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Memories That Inspired My Paintings


Each painting inspired a story of an event in my life or someone dear to me. Many are from actual events of my childhood growing up as a 'Air Force Brat', mostly in Alaska.

Know Me, the Artist

I discovered my ability to paint in 1982.

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 My Personal Bio

As with everyone, my childhood  experiences contributed greatly to make me who I am today.

Each painting was inspired by a memory.

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