Jerry and Angela, owners of Angela’s Oven Bakery at 204 Aurora Street in the Heights Houston invited me to exhibit some of my original oil paintings for sale. On April 17, 2019 my artist friend,  Alejandro Gutierrez arranged for his brothers Agustin  and Pedro to help him hang the paintings while on their vacation. I presented Mr. and Mrs. Gutierrez (Agustin and Zully) one of my Limited Edition prints for their home in San Luis Potosi, Mexico as a special ‘Thank You’ for sharing their sons with me. I appreciate all the help. Photos follow.

Video #1 Hanging Art

This first video shows owner of Angela's Oven Bakery, 204 Aurora Street in Houston, Texas 77008. Jerry is moving equipment to make room for hanging micro-photography of Jose Madrigal by Alejandro Gutierrez, another artist.

Video #2 Hanging Art

"Sunrise Over the Smokys" can be seen at Angela's Oven Bakery at 204 Aurora Street, Houston, TX 77008. My original 24" x 36" oil painting is copyrighted and for sale. Certified reproductions are available in high-resolution Giclee print on canvas, paper, metal, acrylic and removable wallpaper, as are most of my paintings. Contact me at [email protected] or through my CONTACT page here.