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"Georgia's Beauty" by Linda Kinney

Summer Category

The state of Georgia is situated in the beautiful southeastern part of the United States.  It has much to offer with coastal beaches, farmland and mountains.  Georgia's beauty speaks for itself, but there is also much to be enjoyed, Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta as well as beautiful plantations with their 18th- and 19th-century architecture in Savannah, just to name a few spots of interest. 

My daughter's father-in-law has lived in Georgia many years, so they make it an annual trip during different seasons of the year, visiting a variety of locations. On one such trip a few years ago, they drove through the mountains on a beautiful, bright summer day and came upon a river. As they walked along through the forest, enjoying the nature surrounding their excursion, they could see in the distance an enormous valley, so dense with vegetation and trees there was no sign of civilization.

"Georgia's Beauty" is the 20″ x 16″ (50.8 x 40.64 cm) oil painting on canvas inspired by this event. I especially like the unique perspective of the waterfall in this scene.  Most waterfalls are seen from the base. Here, the river fights its way from one rock to the next in resistance, It brings to mind the rapids of life. Finally, the water comes to the edge of the mountain and cascades back into the arms of the leisurely flowing river, once again. As I looked at this view, it brought to mind thoughts of the future. I can no longer see the river, but imagine its journey and its purpose.

 Everything has a reason, a destiny to fulfill, albeit humans, rocks, clouds, animals, or water, all creation. It is thought-provoking and can easily bring about a spiritual awareness.  I am inspired to seek the basis of it all. The water flows on its designed path finally reaching its destination. But the journey has a purpose. It touches many things through these many miles. It is the nourishment to wildlife, fish, vegetation, trees, people, everything of earth, each requiring it for continued life and growth.

Isn't it the same for humans? Indeed, as we cross each other's path, our exchanges should help the other person grow and become a better person.

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