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Linda painting in 2010

Know Linda, the fine artist

Know Linda, the Artist

I discovered my talent for painting in 1982 when a few friends and I decided to take a day out, going to an art studio in the small West Texas town where we lived.  I had never painted or had any art education or exposure, but I desired to try, so I bought oil paints, brushes, canvas and an easel. Setting up on the  table, the only available space, I was surprised when I had painted 'Barn in the Rain' 3 days later. 

This experience sparked a passion and began my painting career.

The farming community of 2,500 population is located on the main highway between Odessa and Lubbock, Texas. The Dixie Dog drive-in, famous for miles around for its food is located at the intersection of Main Street. Even today, travelers often take a much-needed break and walk a few blocks to the Seagraves Museum and Art Gallery. There was no social media marketing, websites and the technology advantages of today, but the location was perfect for personal sales. I exhibited my art there, sold and contracted commission work for several years while I was a stay-at-home mom.

In 2000, my family moved to Lubbock, where I was employed by Texas Tech University until 2011, when I retired. This meant I great deal to me, because I would be able to devote full-time to my passion. I painted under the business name 'Linda's Creations', developed a website, and took advantage of social media on Facebook, Etsy, Pinterest, and email marketing. I researched methods of reproduction and was thrilled to discover the new, innovative high-resolution Giclée process available to me only 350 miles away. All my paintings have been scanned by Coupralux of Dallas, copyrighted, and sealed.

I leased a studio, joined Lubbock Art Association, and Friday Night Art Trail. As a member, I participated in gallery exhibits throughout the city which gave me much exposure and introductions. I made every effort to market my paintings, but my dream was to expand into the International Art Market.

 In 2017, I settled in Houston, Texas, and began marketing under a new name, 'Painting Betzalel'. This means 'Painting in the Shadow of God'. My Facebook business pages are and LindaKinneyFineArtist. Within a few months, “Barn in the Rain” and “Inspired by the Rose” were on exhibit at Arden's Fine Art Gallery on West Alabama Street in Houston. With no professional contacts, I took advantage of social media sites, specifically LinkedIn, hoping someone would notice the potential of ‘The Gift’.

I developed and published, I did not know how the transition  into another business would work, so I left my business Facebook page open at I am happy that I did, as it gives one the opportunity to see a more complete picture of 'The Gift', how it has evolved and expanded to become what it is today.

Many years have passed since I discovered I could paint, mostly in oils, which is my favorite medium. I enjoy painting commissions, using a photo or memory and capturing it on canvas, especially when it is personal to the client. All my paintings are inspired by events in my life or those of someone dear to me, and each one has a story that completes it.  During my career, I have exhibited my artwork  many times, painted commissions including pet portraits, and given Encouragement Classes.