"ABOVE THEIR DOMAIN" by Linda Kinney

"Above Their Domain” was commissioned by my middle brother. It is 30" x 24" (76.20 x 60.96 cm) oil painting on canvas. One day he sent some pictures to me. He had taken them while standing at the back door of his house, in Alaska. When he asked me to paint the artwork, he said, "Paint the eagles exactly as they sit on the tree. Just add some kind of typical 'Alaska' background." The scene I added is familiar as it would appear most any place there. 
My middle brother is the typical wilderness man. I could tell some stories on him that would make you laugh and cry. He's just a special kind of guy. When we moved to Alaska in 1959, he felt at home and did not want to leave when our dad was transferred out 5 years later. He returned as soon as he could, never to leave again until he retired, even for a vacation. The winters are just too harsh for people when they get older, so they have to move south. Of course, there are some who are able to have a winter home​ in Florida or someplace warm and live in Alaska during the summers. This is ideal.
 The eagle is a very interesting study. I did not know that, when a storm is approaching, they fly very high above  it, for safety. They are known for their strength and will never surrender to the size or strength of its prey. The bald eagle is the only bird unique to North America, which makes it the perfect choice as the emblem (national bird) of the nation.