"CACTUS ROSE" by Linda Kinney

Everything has good and bad qualities, as suggested by a thorny cactus bush with beautiful pink flowers. Many plants, such as the rose plant, have stickers and thorns for protection. This is one of those subjects that can bring forth thought-provoking discussion when applied to people. Some people are very interesting and have wonderful qualities, but one must break through the walls of protection in order to get to know them on a personal level. There is always some reason for the defense, some happening that caused hurt and fear. But, generally these people are the ones who have the ability for the greatest love and compassion toward others, so it is worth the time and patience.

 This Desert Rose I call "Cactus Rose", is a beautiful plant. It is native to Africa and the Arabian peninsula, however is a transplant to the dry desert regions of the U.S. It has typical cactus qualities and can retain moisture during dry periods. It's blossoms grow up to 2 inches across and are coral, pinks and reds. With proper care and feeding a plant can grow to 9-feet in height. It is also considered a house plant.

One of my relatives lives in Arizona and has a beautiful desert garden. "Cactus Rose" is a 8" x 8" (20.32 cm) gallery wrapped canvas oil painting. This type canvas is very appropriate because I paint all around the 2" border and it needs no frame. There is only the hint of a deep, dark green on the painting. The tans and browns of the plant as well as the sandy soil are a wonderful background for the roses. This small size is perfect for a entry-level guest restroom. This was the purpose the original was purchased for.  In a larger room, an option is to put several different small flower paintings together in a grouping as suggested by decorators. This makes a stunning presentation as large or small as one might wish. Groupings are a very popular decorating style.