"FRIENDS?" story

My younger brother lives in a location where there are many trees, wildlife and birds. He set a birdbath in the yard easily seen through the kitchen window. One day in summer a blue jay and cardinal perched there just as you see it in this painting, "Friends?", an 14" x 18" (35.56 x 45.72 cm) oil painting on canvas. Typically, these birds are enemies, but here it seems they are having a friendly conversation. I would like to know what they were saying.

It was a beautiful summer day as I sat under the trees. I was enjoying my cool drink while the birds flew from tree to tree, stopping for a chat with another bird. One was loud, while another seemed intimidated and scolded like a child who apparently was innocent of error. She flew off and the same thing happened with another bird who landed there. I watched the activity quite some time and wondered. Do birds and animals have personality traits? Are some bullies and some peace-lovers? Do they treat each other as people do? Can they become friends? There has been much study and expense done to determine the answer and in short it is, Yes!

I did a quick search and found several documented cases and photographs as well as video that proves this is so. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NPOD92a78I One is 'Unbelievable Unlikely Animal Friendships Compilation 2017'.

If this is true of animals and birds, why not people. What makes a friendship? When the painting was finished, I pondered what to name it. This painting, "Friends?" is of an actual occurrence that lasted several minutes. These species apparently did not know they are supposed to be enemies, even though they are all birds. WOW! I wonder if humans could learn a lesson from birds?