The rose has a specific meaning depending on the color, variety, and number chosen. For years it has symbolized love, friendship, and beauty. Roses have inspired people to develop a language of color and one can actually communicate with someone using one or more roses, be it Courage, Silence, Modesty, Delight, or Jealousy, to name a few sentiments. One would say, “Thank You” with a dark pink rose, or “Job Well Done!” with the red rose. It is a fascinating study I found on http://rkdn.org/roses/colors.asp

 My mother’s favorite flower was the rose. As a teenager in Alaska, I remember her desire to have a flower garden. This was impossible due to the short growing season, but when my dad retired and bought a home in Texas, she greatly enjoyed working in her beautiful rose garden. It didn’t matter which species or color, she collected them all, and loved keeping a bouquet of freshly cut flowers in a vase on the kitchen cabinet where we all enjoyed their wonderful fragrance.

 I painted “Inspired by the Rose”, this 12" x 16" (30.48 x 40.64 cm) artwork for Mom in 1990. She requested the gold frame that was still on it when I got it from my youngest brother, who had kept it after her passing. When I painted it those many years ago, I felt like my spirit was speaking directly to hers. As the flowers appeared on the canvas, the blending of colors made depth and dimensions beyond my understanding. It just happened.

After doing this research on the Rose, I think it very befitting that her favorite was the yellow rose, which means “I care”. She did.