"NEW ROSE" story

"NEW ROSE" by Linda Kinney

New Rose" is a 5" (12.7 cm) square gallery wrapped oil painting on canvas. I was shopping for canvas one day and had seen canvas wrap, but had not painted on it. I purchased one and started painting the background. The greens and blues blended into many shades until it looked 'just right'. Now what? As I thought, it was clear that it would be a perfect background for a rose. For no reason I decided on red. As I finished it, I thought it seemed lonely. I decided to buy 3 more and make flowers of 4 colors, which ended up to be a collection including "Sunflower", "Hibiscus", and "Purple Shasta". When my cousin, Dee saw the paintings, she said, "I want these." She took my hand and we walked to the hallway in her home, as she said, "This is where I am going to hang them in a grouping. She is vNew Rose"ery good at decorating and the set was beautiful hanging there.

The subject of the rose is exhausting and never ending. In some of my other stories, I have touched on the diversity, meanings of colors and the language. I don't have a specific story about this painting, but would like to write just a few facts you might find interesting.

The Rose is the most favorite flower in the world. There is evidence that it has been around for 35 million years. Petrified Rose wreaths have been found in ancient Egyptian tombs. There are 150 species in the Northern Hemisphere from Alaska to Mexico including Northern Africa. It is of the genus Rosa and garden cultivation of it probably began in China about 5,000 years ago.

Most people know that the red rose is a symbol of love and beauty. But different shades of red mean different things, such as a bright red rose signifies romance. If one receives a burgundy rose, the giver is saying, “I love you for the first time.” It’s an unrealized love. The red rose is the best choice to express deepest affection or give a rose just because they are beautiful and fragrant.

When I started my first flower garden, of course I had to have roses. I felt it important to have color and fragrance both inside and outside my home. It was a symbol to everyone that came by that I cared about it. Working in the garden was just as important as cooking, shopping, cleaning, or any household chore. My reward was being able to keep freshly cut flowers from my own garden on our kitchen cabinet. This was a personal gratification I inherited and enjoy tremendously.

There are many times when things must be done that are not pleasant around the house. I find the garden to be a release, a place where I can go and work, enjoy nature and find reward. I highly suggest anyone to find a suitable location and start a garden, if one is not present. You will find it to be a good use of your spare time.