It is true that weather can change rapidly most places in the world, but it is certainly true in Texas. Most of my family lives around Abilene and Dallas. On this particular Autumn day, the weather was fair with mild temperatures, perfect for an afternoon stroll. The trees and shrubs were unusually colorful this year, very picturesque. As we walked, suddenly a dark cloud appeared in the Southwest and heavy wind came out of nowhere, or so it seemed. We were not dressed for such an unexpected occurrence, so those of us walking thought it best to start back toward to house. It was a great blessing that we arrived just prior to the freezing rain and snow.

 When we got back to the house, we observed as the ice and snow covered the trees surrounding the house. It was my opportunity to photograph a blend of Autumn and Winter not often seen. Several weeks past. As I was looking at the pictures, I noticed a very strange phenomenon. All those years I had seen these trees, but only now was it apparent that they were so similar, only each was a reflection of the other, almost identical. My desire to capture the unique took over and I painted "Reflections in White", an 16" x 20" (40.64 x 50.80 cm) oil painting on canvas.

 Since then, I have pondered the reflection. I have taken it for an analogy to fit life. Have you ever noticed how much an elderly couple, married many years from teenagers look alike and act alike? On occasion, I have know such couples personally, and seen pictures taken of them when they were very young. They were two distinct, different looking people. What made such a change in them? Can it be that the more someone is with another person, over time their traits, likes and dislikes, desires, character and even looks mesh together into one. It is something to think about and may be a warning to be careful when choosing a marriage partner or even a friend.

 When I was in Lubbock, Texas painting under Linda’s Creations, I donated "Reflectons in White" to YWCA for their annual auction held April 19, 2013 at the Lubbock Civic Center. A whopping $9,000 was raised. The original oil painting, was purchased by Allen and Missy McInnes of Lubbock.