"TRANSITION" by Linda Kinney

The uniform of the United States Army has changed many times and evolved since the 18th century, the latest version in 2015. It's designs have historically been influenced by British and French military traditions. Contemporary American civilian fashion trends also have a consideration for the design. There are two primary uniforms. One is the Army Service Uniform, also known as the Dress Uniform, which is worn during formal and ceremonial occasions. The Army Combat Uniform (ACU) is flame-retardant and camouflaged in the Operational Camouflauge Pattern (OCP). There is much information concerning this subject for Army uniforms as well as all branches of the U.S. military and it is quite interesting.

A few years ago, my friend's husband enlisted in the Army. When he was home on leave she situated his uniform in the grass and took some pictures. When she showed them to me, I asked if she would give me permission to paint the grouping. When I was in the middle of the painting, my sister-in-law came by for a visit. She said, "That is a normal thing to see. Why don't you change it up some." I thought about it. I could make one boot a running shoe, or a dress shoe. One by one, in my mind, I pictured several shoes in the place of one boot. I thought, "How about a different kind of boot?" I decided on the cowboy boot and, of course, the boot would need rope and spur to make it complete. As far as naming the painting, "Transition" came to mind, and it seemed befitting.

Transition is my 12" x 16" (30.48 x 40.64) oil painting on canvas. It did not remain in my possession long after it was copyrighted, sealed and framed. My oldest daughter was very involved in Women's Protective Services. Their annual fundraiser was fast approaching. There are many horse ranches in the south, especially in Texas, hence there is much need for equipment and horse paraphernalia. It is a large industry. There are many craftsmen who design and make custom spurs, more for exhibit than use. This fundraiser is centered around this product, the spur. The Annual Women's Protective Services Spur Auction had always been very successful and this would be the 11th year of it's existence. My daughter said to me, "Mom, your "Transition" is the perfect painting for the auction because it has the boot and spur. Will you donate it?" I was happy to do so. I don't know who won the bid, but I remember the lady had a pleasant smile and seemed very happy. The auction was, once again, very successful.